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Computational Mechanics Lab


Experimental Biomechanics Lab

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Experimental Biomechanics Lab


Left to right: Shani, Gal, Vered, Kuti and Shirly at the EBL (Photo by J Birenboim).


Left to Right: Shirly and Vered while performing a 4PB experiment on a V-notched specimen. (Photo by J Birenboim)


Archival Photos


2000 – Ilan and Meidad with a 2-processor PC, workstation and another PC.

History NCCM 1999

Newly created NCCM 1999 PC’s with Scanner, Printer, and of the 2-processor PC and one of the Work-stations

Royi and Zohar 2005

Zohar and Royi – Discussing bone modeling issues – Feb 2005

Nir and Elad 2006

Nir and Elad prepare the preliminary bone experiment – Jan 2006


Nir’s first-born baby-girl celebration: Dudu, Alon, Zohar, Eduardo, Nir+Noga, Ilan, Elad – July 2, 2010


Dinner at Gila&Zohar’s house in May 2017 Yaron, Itay, Avihai, Gal, Ofry, Zohar, Kuti, Nitzan, Ruti, Arie, Gila, Ilan, Nurit – May 16, 2017

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